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Instead of the typical door to door selling of products and services, UGive2 provides support in asking instead of selling any kind of product. It helps in sharing the fundraising goals as well as to ensure support for a cause, especially for the sportsperson.

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We highly recommend UGIVE2. This was truly the easiest fundraiser we have ever done with our team! It's truly simple-fast-fundraising
GOAL : $15000.00
RAISED: $18789.00
"Ugive2 was very simple and fast. We raised enough money to reach our goals and travel in only 10 days!"
GOAL : $7500
RAISED: $8950
We tried several different fundraisers that would not take too much of time during the start of football season! We met with UGIVE2 1 time and we raised the most we ever raised as team! I recommend them 100%
GOAL : $20,000.00
RAISED: $25,000.00

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UGive2 provides a platform that gives support to groups, organizations and athletes to make and oversee profoundly viable internet raising money techniques. By connecting with potential supporters through email and social media, you can fundraise online quickly by utilizing our demonstrated gathering pledges tools and events shared with friends and family.

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